LABOURGAMES_03_obererteilLABOURGAMES is an innovation-oriented network project bringing together the »world of labour« with the »world of play« by allowing smart use of game principles and applying them in the working world to facilitate learning effects, decision-making, and motivation.

A network of consortium partners from four European Countries (DE, NL, IT and GR) with further »strategic partners« from the arts and game design, academia and research, labour market and the business world, open data organizations and the administration and policy field will generate new perspectives on the current labour system in Europe. Over a period of three years, they will be creating both self-developed games and an in-depth investigation of game principles in specific processes in the working world.

LABOURGAMES is comprised of five consecutive components: CREATIVE RESEARCH, GAME JAMS, GAME DEVELOPMENT, ANCHOR EVENTS and last but not least E-BOOK PRODUCTION.

The project will develop a European network where different sectors and various experts come together. This network will work together in an ongoing exploration of the productive connection between work and leisure, while identifying ethical, cultural and legal questions.

An ADVISORY BOARD, consisting of game developers, labour market experts, economists, and scientists, will accompany the project throughout its life-time.


LABOURGAMES core element is a series of four GAME JAMS in the participating countries throughout 2017. These will develop 40 preliminary ideas for games. At least four of these game ideas will be part of a professional development process leading to four actual game products. In order to generate a broad impact, the games will then be played and tested at ANCHOR EVENTS in 2018, such as Game Festivals, Youth Gatherings of Trade Unions or professional fora.

Furthermore, an UN-CONFERENCE in Berlin in December 2016 and a RELEASE CONFERENCE in Rome in April 2019 will conclude the project.

LABOURGAMES is a project initiated and co-ordinated by the Berlin-based art association urban dialogues in close collaboration with

The European partner network within the framework of the Creative Europe Culture programme consists of Open State Foundation (NL), H.A.B.I.T. Research Group, University of Athens (GR) and Alternative Europee (IT).